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We do not invest in a vacuum, without regard to the future of our planet and humanity. MiddleGame Ventures strongly believes in promoting a financial services ecosystem that sustains and supports Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) standards. We do this by investing and supporting entrepreneurs that seek to promote these values in their business and for their customers. We view this as not just the right thing to do, but also optimizing outcomes for our portfolio companies and investors.

As we partner with entrepreneurs to re-architect the financial services landscape, we are mindful of the need to do so in a more sustainable, diverse and ethical manner.

How we Operate

Living by our own Mantra

We are proud UNPRI signatories and have incorporated ESG adherence internally across the MGV team and externally through our investment process.

The PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) is a United Nations supported international network of investors committed to incorporating ESG factors into the investment decision making processes.


How we Invest

Considering Risks and Identifying Opportunities

Portfolio Company Due Diligence

Companies within our pipeline complete the Invest Europe Portfolio Company Due Diligence questionnaire. Risks are considered and evaluated throughout the investment process and elevated at the Investment Committee level.

On-going Support & Monitoring
MGV offers a wide range of portfolio services to our start-ups, including specific guidance on ESG matters. For example, from a monitoring standpoint, we collect diversity data on an annual basis and report to LPs. More broadly, as active investors with board seats, we partner directly with management and other investors to promote and advance ESG adoption relevant to a portfolio company’s business.


Embedded ESG

Outlining our unique FinTech ESG Investment Thesis

See our Blog post on “Embedded ESG” – outlining our unique investment thesis regarding ESG in the FinTech sector.




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