Our Investment in Kayna

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Kayna, an embedded insurance infrastructure solution enabling vertical SaaS platforms to supercharge their top line whilst closing the protection gap for SMEs.

MiddleGame Ventures co-led the €1M Pre-Seed round alongside Delta Partners with participation from FinTech angel syndicate, Aperture, and InsurTechNY.

Established by two second-time founders, Paul Prendergast and Peter Bermingham, Kayna is a Cork, Ireland-based InsurTech that provides embedded insurance infrastructure to enable vertical SaaS platforms to i) provide relevant insurance to their end customers and ii) access unique data insights about SMEs from which increasingly accurate and real-time risk models can be built.  Kayna helps to reduce distribution costs due to the embedded nature of the product and ultimately reduce the number of SMEs who are underinsured.

MGV Partner Kanishk Walia shared his thoughts on the investment: “We are excited to be supporting Paul and Peter on this journey as seasoned InsurTech founders, with a successful exit under their belt and a wealth of expertise and contacts in the Insurance profession.  SMEs continue to be underserved and underinsured by traditional insurance offerings and we believe Kayna is well positioned to change this by opening up access to data sets siloed within vertical SaaS platforms, generating incremental revenue streams for these vendors while creating enhanced distribution opportunities for brokers and carriers.”

You can read more about Kayna and the funding round here.

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