Minna Technologies

We recently doubled down on an earlier investment in Minna Technologies and participated in their series b.  As a result, one of our partners, Pascal Bouvier, joined their board.  We are proud to back the Minna team whom we originally met over two years ago. This shows that building long term business relationships pays in the end.  We rate the Minna team highly. In a short period of time they have been able to achieve product/market fit sell and close large banks – never an easy proposition – and have demonstrated the power of bringing intelligence and connectivity to a retail checking account. Theirs is a sizable market to attack and we are excited to help the entire Minna team along their journey.

Pascal Bouvier, Managing Partner, MiddleGame Ventures said: “We are delighted to partner and invest in Minna Technologies. We strongly believe in a vision where banks develop their checking account offerings into “connected and intelligent” platforms and where retail clients are able to interact in many more ways than in the recent past. Minna delivers this future and allows banks to offer a rich subscription management offering for our digital lives.”

​You can find the press release here.

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